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The 1Kosmos BlockID Admin Experience Advantage

1Kosmos BlockID Workforce is built with specific capabilities for the onboarding, verification and authentication of employees and contractors within the confines of the workplace. Combined with BlockID Verify, 1Kosmos digitally transforms the standard HR process for onboarding employees or contractors, delivering the highest degree of end-user assurance. This transformation eliminates the need for new employees to share copies of government IDs, protecting their privacy, and automates the entire onboarding process for new and existing employees or contractors.

The deployment and integration of the 1Kosmos platform are developed with administrators and DevOps in mind. With over 50 out-of-the-box connectors available through the portal and a lightweight SDK, admins and developers can integrate 1Kosmos into a live environment with little friction.

1Kosmos digitally transforms the standard HR process for onboarding employees or contractors, delivering the highest degree of end-user assurance


An administrator is responsible for all activities that occur under their 1Kosmos BlockID tenant. The Administration portal provides admins easy access to the configuration and management of the BlockID platform.

The 1Kosmos Administration portal empowers any administrator to manage identities, apps, and data quickly, easily, and securely:

  1. Visibility – Administrators have visibility into a user’s identity profile, access, usage, devices, and applications. This information enables an administrator to better protect their org and identify potential risks. For example, administrators will see the identity types and determine if the identity has access to the right set of resources.
  2. Policy-based Authentication – Administrators can define authentication policies based on organizational requirements.
  3. Strong Identity – Administrators will leverage the portal to begin the process to generate fully verified identities based on validated documents. This generates a strong identity for the entire lifecycle, from onboarding to registration to access requests, to recovery.

Connecting User Repositories to 1Kosmos BlockID

1Kosmos can connect to existing user repositories to build a read-only access view of your users. The admin portal facilitates connections to any enterprise directory residing behind a firewall through a lightweight broker. For enterprises looking to implement a passwordless pilot program, we offer a cloud-based user store where new identities can be created and managed.

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User Onboarding

Administrators can implement the following options to enroll new and existing users:

  • For existing users, an invitation is sent through the 1Kosmos administration portal to enroll their authenticator. Invites can be sent to the user’s email or via text messages to their phone for device linking. The email is completely customizable to meet corporate style guidelines.
  • A QR code can be added to the standard login page to invite new and existing users to join. To ease the adoption, users will have the option to use traditional usernames and passwords until they register.
  • For new or existing users, an invitation to join can be sent via the 1Kosmos BlockID app.

End User Admin Portal

For users, the portal is a centralized hub that allows for easy control of their identity data and how it is shared. End users will have visibility into their profile, recover their profile, and enrolled devices.

Organizations implementing the user portal will provide transparency and place users in control of their identity.

  • Manage devices: The user can view and manage smartphones.
  • Avoid the Helpdesk: Users will manage and recover account(s) through the portal to link and unlink devices and request passwordless access into permissioned applications. In addition, they will be able to remove or report lost devices, or if a device becomes compromised, all without a single call to the helpdesk.
  • Register a new device: Users can send an invite to themselves to register and bind a new device to their account in the event of a lost or replacement device.
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Our customers utilize a fully managed, cloud-based service hosted by 1Kosmos. Customers receive a welcome email for every new subscription with their specific tenant URL within the 1Kosmos cloud and access to documentation to set up their tenant. The client will then schedule a kickoff meeting to review implementation into the environment with the 1Kosmos team.

Manage applications for SSO

1Kosmos BlockID provides out-of-the-box integrations not only for Windows but also for Unix, web applications, Mac OS, and other custom logins to help ensure a consistent login experience across the diverse systems you’ll find today. In addition, 1Kosmos BlockID easily connects to any SAML-based application or service. We currently offer out-of-the-box integration into 50 target systems and one-click connections to G-Suite, O365, Okta, Auth0, and Salesforce.

Event Logging

BlockID provides event logs that can be utilized for auditing and incident investigations. The BlockID platform captures the following events and provides an easy-to-access interface to view/query the logs.

  • View passwordless invites sent to users
  • View devices linked by a user
  • View Login attempts by a user
  • Logs are retained for a period of 90 days.