Our Advantage

The 1Kosmos BlockID Advantage

The Amazon-tested integration ensures quick integration into an AWS Cognito instance. Once deployed users will authenticate via any of our methods depending on the business need, the risk profile of the activity, and the security requirement for each access request

By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID, organizations can deploy any of seven identification methods, including:

  • Passwordless:
    • Device Biometrics FaceID/TouchID
    • LiveID
    • FIDO Key or Passkeys
    • Windows Hello
    • Mac TouchID
  • Traditional MFA methods:
    • Push message
    • Email/SMS/Token

Our identity-based authentication differentiates us, which ties a proofed and verified identity to the access request. This means that the user’s biometric is the authentication method. By implementing 1Kosmos, users will have a consistent and secure user experience.

BlockID easily exists alongside any AWS Cognito deployment helping organizations improve their security posture and protecting customer accounts from ATO and phishing attacks.

Organizations can deploy 1Kosmos with confidence as our authentication and identity verification capabilities are certified against NIST 800.63.3, UK DIATF, FIDO2, iBeta DEA EPCS standards. Additionally, we comply with the strictest SOC2, ISO 27001 and GDPR certification standards for the handling and retention of sensitive data.

Using 1Kosmos BlockID Passwordless MFA with Amazon Cognito enables the best adaptive MFA methods such as biometrics, FIDO2 , or OTP through email and SMS that meets the needs of any application ecosystem.

Easy Deployment

Deploy and procure BlockID from the AWS Marketplace to implement phishing resistant passwordless MFA that delivers a frictionless user experience through non-spoofable, live biometrics with verified identity.

Access Assurance

Deliver a high assurance for users accessing applications and services. This way, verified users authenticate and not synthetic users. Users utilize a public/private key pair via FIDO2 standards, which means every access attempt physically verifies the customer, eliminating phishing and ATO attacks.

1Kosmos Features and Benefits

  • App and Appless Workflow. Organizations can implement an authentication and/or verification workflow that utilizes an app-based or appless experience. In an appless workflow, authentication and verification are completed through a browser.
  • User Experience. Simple user onboarding and convenient access anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Customer Authentication. 1Kosmos consolidates authentication methods and lays the foundation for a strategic transition to our identity based passwordless approach.
  • Privacy by Design. Users determine what data to share at each access request. There’s no honeypot of data accessible by 1Kosmos, administrators or hackers.

Reasons to consider

  • Passwordless MFA with FIDO Passkey support
  • Flexible SDK for easy integration into existing workflows
  • FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, UKDATF, iBeta DEA EPCS certifications
  • user journeys for both appless and app-based experiences

Identity Verification

1Kosmos BlockID identity proofing can verify identity up to a certified IAL2 standard. To do so, 1Kosmos can verify government issued IDs like driver’s licenses, passports, or National IDs and other forms of identification like banking/telco accounts, email, social security numbers, and phone numbers to provide organizations assurance users are who they claim to be.

Password Reset

When passwords are still required in the user journey, users can reset their password through 1Kosmos BlockID, streamlining the user experience.

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