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The 1Kosmos BlockID 1Key Advantage

The 1Kosmos 1Key Biometric Security Key emphasizes interoperability across diverse and complex environments, delivering a biometric passwordless authentication for users on multiple kiosk systems located at different locations. This approach guarantees the elimination of passwords for desktop login, applications, and services. Furthermore, this interoperability will be achieved for any user onboarded with the biometric security key on any supporting desktop in the environment.

1Key is a FIDO-compliant token unlike any other. They facilitate seamless interoperability across Kiosks by linking the captured biometric to the user account. This biometric authentication frees organizations from purchasing and distributing FIDO keys for each user, only to have users forget, break, or lose them, resulting in significant cost savings. 1Kosmos FIDO2 authentication is certified by the FIDO Alliance.

The 1Kosmos 1Key can be utilized for Windows login without requiring separate registration. Our “register-once-use-anywhere” strategy ensures that users only need to be registered once in the control plane.

1Kosmos has several advantages over traditional password-based authentication, including enhanced security, improved usability, and better resistance to phishing attacks.

Our solution relies on public key cryptography, so even if a user’s credentials are compromised, an attacker would not be able to use them without also having access to the user’s public/private keys.

1Key authentication frees organizations from purchasing and distributing FIDO keys for each user.

Biometric Security Key

1Kosmos 1Key

1Kosmos BlockID provides an open, scalable and interoperable passwordless approach to organizations where workers are dynamically assigned a workspace – hoteling, clean rooms, etc.

Passwordless Access

Leveraging the biometric security key, 1Kosmos BlockID 1Key gives organizations a way to enforce access controls and improve user experience. All enrolled employees will use their biometrics to log in to a supporting desktop without the use of a password

Live ID. Face ID. PIN.
Secured computer login

Simple Registration

Users will register their biometrics at the time of onboarding and will then have passwordless access to any supported desktop. The registeronce-use-anywhere strategy will improve onboarding and eliminate passwords for enrolled users.

Compatibility / Usability

Enrolled users enter/select their User ID on the supporting desktops and then authenticate with their enrolled fingerprint for passwordless authentication.