Our Advantage

The 1Kosmos Advantage

Problem: 82% of breaches are attributed to human error11Kosmos binds a verified identity and an advanced biometric to a user’s account, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. As a result, each access event is validated against a real, verified identity, enabling organizations to mitigate password based attacks and improve revenue-generating consumer digital services with an exceptional and secure user experience.

By knowing the user behind the device, organizations can tackle big issues:

  • Eliminate phishing attacks
  • Prevent ATO attacks
  • Eliminate 3rd party and contractor hijacking
  • Stop synthetic identity fraud
  • Accelerate new products and services
  • Reduce user friction and improve the user experience
  • Provide user controlled privacy

In the first half of 2022 – 53 million individuals were affected by data compromises.2

Most data breaches recorded2
– Healthcare
– Financial Services
– Manufacturing

In 2022, 4.35M is the global average cost of a breach.3

Stolen or compromised credentials are the most common cause of a data breach – 19%3

1Kosmos BlockID is the only platform certified to both the FIDO2 standard and the NIST 800-63-3 guideline that addresses this challenge by:

  • Providing the highest level of digital biometric identity and authentication assurance with superior interoperability
  • Delivering a digital identity wallet that is a reusable verified credential only accessible by and under control of the user
  • Privacy by design secures personal information under user control and eliminates the threat of a data breach
  • Self-service document and identity verification automates workflow, alleviates administrative overhead and meets KYC/KYE guidelines
  • Using a convenient QR code and LiveID biometric matching defies spoofing and ensures a real person is on the other side of the digital connection

1Kosmos BlockID Benefits

As a cloud-based service, the 1Kosmos BlockID platform deploys in days for the purpose of delivering benefits that are accretive to earnings generally within the first 90 days of operations.

Benefits include:

  • Minimize risk of data breach and ransomware from credential compromise
  • Prevent worker / customer / citizen account takeover
  • Reduce administration costs for employee onboarding and provisioning
  • Reduce help desk costs for password resets
  • Improve employee / customer / citizen user experience
  • Accelerate customer time to revenue
  • Minimize online shopping cart drop-off/abandonment
  • Rationalize antiquated 2FA tools and niche physical security systems
  • Deliver flexible levels of identity and access assurance


  • Jefferies
  • Kotak Bank
  • Netsmart
  • Union Digital
  • Vodafone
  • Indostar
  • Fuji Films

Strategic Partners

  • Cognizant
  • Composure
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • Hitachi
  • IC Consult
  • Infosys
  • OneSpan
  • Outseer
  • Simeio
  • Verizon