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The 1Kosmos Credential Service Provider Advantage

The 1Kosmos privacy by design credential service modernizes identity enrollment and authentication, empowering government agencies with heightened security measures to combat phishing and fraudulent activities aimed at citizens and residents.

The CSP is industry-certified and provides modern, low friction, app or appless self-service identity verification (e.g., IAL2) and authentication (e.g., AAL2) journey anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The resulting credentials are stored in a secure web or app-based wallet and under complete control of the resident.

After identity verification and enrollment, residents will authenticate via any deployed authentication method, which could include phishing resistant methods like FIDO passkeys, device biometrics, and 1Kosmos LiveID, and legacy methods such as push message, email/SMS/Token, and more.

Residents will readily utilize their reusable credentials to access services plus securely manage and share their PII data, simplifying privacy, compliance, and overall management for agencies.

The 1Kosmos CSP managed service replaces slow, error prone manual processes and significantly reduces IT management and overhead costs. The result enables organizations to eliminate honeypots of data and to focus scarce resources on the efficient delivery of services to the people who are entitled to receive them.

The 1Kosmos CSP digitally transforms identity enrollment and authentication for citizens and residents.

1Kosmos Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

Residents are in sole control of their own information protected by a cryptographically paired public-private key architecture. For added security and auditing, 1Kosmos CSP utilizes a private and permissioned distributed ledger to decentralize data, eliminating administrative access to a centralized PII “honeypot.”

Fraud Prevention

1Kosmos CSP utilizes a sophisticated, streamlined self-service identity verification process and phishing resistant multi-factor authentication credentials to eliminate synthetic identity fraud and ATO attacks. Additionally, the 1Kosmos CSP reduces deepfake attacks, with active and passive liveness detection plus injection monitoring.

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Equitable Access for All

Equitable Access for All

The 1Kosmos CSP enables equal and fair access to all residents to transact with digital services securely. The CSP can utilize many non-biased modalities for enrolling and authenticating residents, including a web interface, mobile app, agent-assisted / remote-supervised proofing.

Alignment to Federal Requirements

The CSP is aligned to US Federal requirements, including Privacy Act, Section 508, EO13985 (multi-language), EO14028, OMB M19-17, OMB M22-09, NIST 800 series, as well as FedRAMP and FIPS.

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Managed Service

The entire user journey is controlled by the 1Kosmos CSP, streamlining the management of resident data, hardware costs, and compliance strains.