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The 1Kosmos BlockID Customer Advantage

1Kosmos BlockID identity-based authentication secures customer accounts and personal information behind an identity-backed digital wallet, which provides strong multi-factor authentication at every point of access while giving individuals complete control over transaction approval and access to their personally identifiable information (PII) data.

Customers are your most valuable asset, so stop treating them like criminals. Instead, differentiate between users with valid, verifiable identities and imposters hiding behind stolen or synthetic identities.

Identity Verification

1Kosmos BlockID identity proofing utilizes a user’s driver’s license, passport, or National ID to verify user identity and is completed within a few minutes with 99%+ identity proofing accuracy and 99%+ spoofing and counterfeit detection. 1Kosmos BlockID supports document verification for over 205 countries. We can also verify identity at lower levels of assurance using banking, telco (eg, SIM binding), email, social security number, and phone number, among other methods.

Digital Wallet

During enrollment, information collected from scanned credentials is encrypted and, for the highest level of security, stored in a distributed ledger compliant to the W3C DID standard. As such, they are accessible only via a FIDO2 certified public/private key pair secured in the TPM/Secure Enclave of a device and under sole control of the user via their live biometric selfie, made possible by our innovative LiveID feature.

Access Assurance

Deliver a high assurance for users accessing applications and services. This way, verified users authenticate and not synthetic users. Binging a customers biometric to a public / private key pair via FIDO2 standards means every access attempt physically verifies the customer, leaving no chance for anyone other than the verified user to access.

API’s and SDK

Starting with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework enabling quick and easy integrations into CIAM technologies like Azure, Ping, Okta, and ForgeRock. And the SDK and customizable BlockID app will ensure the branded experience will meet corporate brand guidelines.

Privacy by Design

We put users in complete control of their own PII so organizations don’t have to. Users determine what to share at each access request. There’s no honeypot of data accessible by administrators or hackers.

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