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The 1Kosmos BlockID Advantage

Managing multiple logins and passwords is both inconvenient and poses a security risk for individuals and service providers alike.

To address this issue, the 1Kosmos BlockID platform offers a digital wallet that organizations can use for authentication, which is certified against NIST 800-63-3 and UK DIATF. Our approach involves an ID + Selfie workflow, wherein the user scans a government-issued ID. The ID is verified and the user’s image is compared to their live selfie. If all details match, the credential is bound to the user account, and the selfie taken during enrollment is used as a reference for future authentications.

Organizations can eliminate synthetic fraud and ATO attacks by utilizing our identity verification solutions. This helps prevent fraudulent attacks and their resulting impact on profitability and market reputation. Our solutions provide a NIST 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Level 2, which improves security by eliminating Knowledge-Based Verification techniques.

With 1Kosmos, users can rapidly access applications, services, and benefits. Users get a convenient user experience and organizations benefit from improved customer experience, increased access, and lower costs.

The 1Kosmos implementation of the NIST 800-63-3 standard is certified by the Kantara Initiative to meet the NIST level 2 standards for identity assurance (IAL) and authentication assurance (AAL)


1Kosmos ID + Selfie workflow will verify two ID sources (i.e., Driver’s License, State ID, Passport). These documents are verified in real-time directly with the issuing source. A biometric – live selfie – is captured and compared to the document image for a match.

  • False Match Rate (FMR) of 0.001%
  • False Non-match Rate (FNMR) of 3.1%


1Kosmos implements a multifactor biometric-based workflow where a user first unlocks the app with their device-based biometric (face, thumbprint, or pin) and is then prompted to utilize 1Kosmos LiveID (live selfie) to prove identity matched to onboarding.

  • False Positive Identification Rate (FPIR) of 0.1%

API and SDKs

As a cloud-based identity provider, 1Kosmos has many features. The administration portal provides easy access to the configuration and management of the 1Kosmos platform, starting with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework enabling quick and easy integration.


Privacy and security of user biometrics and other personally identifiable Information (PII) complies with GDPR and other 230 GDPR-like regulations around the world 1Kosmos also provides users the assurance that their information is not accessible without their explicit consent.

Digital Wallet

1Kosmos Digital Wallet solution simplifies transactions associated with identity credentials. From verifying individuals in the workforce, and e-commerce communities, to facilitating electronic prescriptions, our approach eliminates user friction and boosts conversion rates.

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