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The 1Kosmos BlockID LiveID Advantage

LiveID is the cornerstone for how 1Kosmos BlockID delivers this advanced biometric authentication. Our strong biometric-based identity provides flexible levels of identity assurance and provides a passwordless experience. 1Kosmos LiveID is a feature that gives organizations the highest level of assurance for the identity on the other side of digital engagement. LiveID is used for account enrollment and onboarding to ensure that the user is real, human, and not a bot or somebody trying to spoof the identity.

When enrolling a user, LiveID leverages the front-facing camera on the mobile device (selfie camera) and records a video of the user. Once LiveID has determined the user is real in front of the camera, LiveID will capture a ”selfie” of the user.

For authentication, LiveID will again make sure that the person in front of the mobile device is live, capture a selfie to ensure an identity match, and authenticate the user.

By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID as the IdP, organizations will have a unified approach to access management by combining 2FA, MFA, and password resets into one common platform.

Our strong biometric-based identity provides flexible levels of identity assurance and provides a passwordless experience.

Live ID

LiveID Enrollment

The user will follow a guided process by which they will be asked to perform a liveness verification – blink their eyes, smile, turn their head. At this point, LiveID will take a “selfie” picture for LiveID authentication during access requests. LiveID is compatible with mobile devices with front-facing cameras. 1Kosmos BlockID will utilize the true depth functionality available in newer mobile devices when capturing the image to eliminate spoofing by pictures or video.


  • Advanced biometric authentication eliminates spoofing and verifies users with over 99% accuracy
  • User-friendly, a user’s selfie is the authentication method
  • Utilize an AAL2 certified authentication method to protect any application, service or data
  • Perfect for TOFU, desktop or remote desktop login, and virtual machine authentication use cases.

Reasons to consider

  • Certified solution FIDO2, PAD-2
  • Compliant to GDPR, KYC, NIST, and UK DIATF standards
  • Certified Authenticator Assurance Level 2 method

The most advanced biometric authentication available eliminates password based attacks and verifies users with over 99% accuracy.

Liveness Verification

Liveness Verification

1Kosmos BlockID verify performs a liveness verification when capturing the user’s picture and gesture and then leverages AI to validate the identity record upon access attempt. The process is certified (by the Kantara Initiative) to NIST Identity Assurance Level 2 and compliant with Identity Assurance 3, as per the NIST 800-63-3 digital identity guidelines.

LiveID Authentication

LiveID Authentication

Using the expressions and a true-depth camera functionality 1Kosmos BlockID verifies that a live person is present. Second, a selfie is taken, compared to the picture taken at enrollment, and access is granted if they match. LiveID is over 99% accurate.