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The 1Kosmos BlockID Advantage

The interoperability available in the 1Kosmos platform through an SDK / API ensures quick integration with other systems and customer applications. Our identity-based authentication differentiates us, which ties a proofed and verified identity to the access request. This means that the user’s biometric is the authentication method. By implementing 1Kosmos, users will log in to systems and services outside of the Microsoft environment, like – Mac and Linux desktops, SaaS systems, PAM services even domain controllers and virtual machines with a consistent experience, including passwordless authentication.

BlockID easily exists alongside a Microsoft deployment. There are three core areas of consideration in which 1Kosmos BlockID helps organizations improve their security posture and move toward a Zero Trust architecture.

Key Use Cases:

  1. Support for non-Microsoft platforms – macOS, Linux, and Unix.
  2. Deploy password reset for applications and workflows like Trust on First Use (TOFU), where you cannot eliminate passwords.
  3. Include devices that are not compatible with device-based biometrics like WHfB.
  4. Manage security for contractors with devices that might not meet corporate requirements.
  5. Secure access to domain controllers and virtual machines.
  6. Automate identity verification and proofing for new employees and contractors.

1Kosmos BlockID can easily coexist alongside the Microsoft investment filling in the gaps a Microsoft deployment can introduce.

Identity Verification

1Kosmos BlockID Verify digitally transforms user onboarding with convenient self-service identity verification meeting NIST 800-63-3 assurance level 2 (IAL2). This ID + Selfie workflow binds the user’s verification to their account to prove identity at each access request.

Microsoft Entra ID Collaboration

1Kosmos identity verification can support IIDV integration into Microsoft Entra Verified ID, facilitating the creation of seamless end-user experiences. The integration provides the ability to integrate 1Kosmos remote onboarding processes through a class-leading reliable identity verification and proofing service.

Non-Microsoft Platforms

BlockID supports biometrics and does not require a username or password for each new system or terminal login. It also supports various hardware and operating systems, including Mac and Unix/Linux ecosystems.

1Kosmos Features and Benefits

  • Non-Windows Devices: Provide passwordless access to macOS, Linux, and Unix and non-SAML based applications and services.
  • Virtual and Higher Privilege Environments: Implement passwordless access to domain controllers, virtual desktops, and virtual machines.
  • Legacy Technology: Provide interoperability with legacy/internally built technologies.
  • Integration with AD and Entra ID: Off-the-shelf connectors enable quick and easy deployment.

Reasons to consider

  • Certified to FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, and UK DIATF
  • Certified iBeta DEA EPCS biometric
  • Compliant to GDPR, KYC / AML standards

Third-Party Contractors

Close the security gap contractors can inject since managing a contractor’s system configuration can be difficult. By implementing BlockID, a contractor will verify their identity and log in to critical applications without a password from day one.

Trust on First Use (TOFU)

1Kosmos BlockID solves the “Trust on First Use” (TOFU) gap created when users transition to new systems and must provide a username and password. With BlockID, the user’s identity gets bound to their credential – it’s not simply tied to a device – verifying identity at every access request. Even on first use.

NDES Server

Eliminate the reliance on the Microsoft NDES Server by deploying the 1Kosmos Broker.

Password Reset

Users can reset their password through the BlockID app for applications where you cannot eliminate passwords.

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