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The 1Kosmos BlockID Password Reset Advantage

1Kosmos is the only standards-based platform that uses advanced biometrics and a private blockchain to create an indisputable, reusable identity for strong and continuous authentication and a passwordless experience. But, we understand that in some instances, applications and services cannot support a passwordless experience. So, in this case, a password is still required. Recognizing that fact, 1Kosmos BlockID has an integrated password reset capability that eliminates the need for any assistance from the helpdesk.

Through the 1Kosmos BlockID app or user portal, users can easily reset their passwords if and when needed. Integrating a password reset into our technology helps organizations deploy a strong and continuous authentication platform and meet the requirements of a username and password. The password reset also eliminates any password reset calls into the helpdesk, saving both user frustration and cost.

By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID as the IdP, organizations will have a unified approach to access management by combining 2FA, MFA, and password resets into one common platform.

According to Forrester, in 2020, it cost an enterprise $70 per password repeat, and large US-based organizations allocated approximately $1 million annually for password-related support costs.

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Resetting Passwords

Users can reset their password through the BlockID app for applications where you cannot eliminate passwords. Users pair their device to their identity on the mobile app during initial identity enrollment. The same trusted device can be used during a password reset.

Alternatively, users can also use the admin portal to reset their password. A password reset is completed by selecting the corresponding user account and selecting the reset password link. Users will follow the prompts to reset their password.


  • Integrates into AD or an Enterprise LDAP identity store to be the single source of truth for all managed identities
  • Password resets can require uses to prove identity to ensure bad actors can not reset passwords on behalf of the user to then gain access
  • Users can reset their password through the BlockID app
  • Users can also use the admin portal to reset their password

Reasons to consider

  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • VPN is not required and, therefore, a perfect solution for a remote workforce
  • Password requirements are set by administrators to meet corporate standards
  • Password reset is available from the app for easy accessibility

Our customers have experienced an immediate 30% reduction in helpdesk costs on average


Within the 1Kosmos BlockID app, users can have multiple accounts or personas. This capability allows users to have different login workflows. This will enable organizations to require a separate account or persona for technologies that can not go passwordless. The additional security layer is beneficial, as users do not need to be behind the firewall to reset. This way, users can reset a password for a singular account vs. all accounts. This is completed through the same app used to authenticate improving user experience, and is ideal for hybrid environments.

easy and secure password management


As the IDP, 1Kosmos BlockID integrates into AD or an Enterprise LDAP identity store to be the single source of truth for all managed identities. In doing so, users only authenticate through 1Kosmos BlockID. Additionally, all credentials for technologies that can not go passwordless can rely on 1Kosmos BlockID to provide MFA and password resets to unify MFA silos and improve user experience.