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The 1Kosmos BlockID platform helps organizations transform how they currently manage identity and access requirements to provide secure remote access. BlockID delivers identity-based passwordless access to users, ensuring that only authorized employees can access data or applications regardless of where they are based. As a result, organizations will authenticate users without usernames, passwords, and one-time codes. Instead, users will authenticate with their identity. After deploying 1Kosmos, BlockID employees utilize a biometric passwordless experience and completely remove usernames and passwords. Our approach not only secures remote employees but also eliminates all password-based attacks.

Our approach not only secures remote employees but also eliminates all password-based attacks.


1Kosmos BlockID authentication methods built into the 1Kosmos BlockID app provide options to provide authentication for employees or contractors via any of our access identification methods. By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID, you will consolidate several methods into one experience.

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We also support industry authentication standards such as OAuth, OIDC, SAML and FIDO.


LiveID is the cornerstone for how 1Kosmos BlockID delivers this advanced biometric authentication. Our strong biometric-based identity provides flexible levels of identity assurance and provides a passwordless experience. The authentication is a low-friction two-step process. The first is validating that it is a real-life person and not a spoofing attempt. Using the expressions and a true-depth camera functionality 1Kosmos BlockID verifies that a live person is present. Second, a selfie is taken, compared to the picture taken at enrollment, and access is granted if they match.

Web-to-Mobile Handoff

For identity onboarding sessions completed on a laptop or desktop, the user’s session can be transferred to their mobile device for image capturing. The user will scan their documents and enroll their LiveID. The session is then returned to the originating browser. This allows the capturing of high-quality imagery, which is not possible via the low-resolution cameras on desktops and laptops.

Self Service

The portal is a centralized hub for users that allows for easy control of their identity data and how it is shared.

  • Visibility – customer and citizens will have visibility into their identity profile, applications, and devices.
  • Portfolio of devices – enroll a portfolio of devices allowing seamless access to applications.
  • Avoid helpdesk – self manage and recover account(s), sign-up for passwordless access, link & unlink devices.
  • Protect against fraud and identity theft – customer and citizens will be alerted when unusual behavior is detected on their devices.
  • Password Reset – users can reset passwords for those platforms unable to adopt a passwordless experience.


BlockID Workforce provides out-of-the-box integration into 50 target systems, including O365, Okta, ZScaler, Citrix, and more to help ensure a consistent login experience across the diversity of systems you’ll find today.
1Kosmos BlockID also comes with a developer-friendly SDK and APIs that comply with the strictest GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001 certification standards for handling and retention of sensitive data, so you can connect to almost anything you need. In addition, 1Kosmos can also integrate into commercial, corporate, or government systems via industry authentication standards such as OAuth, OIDC, SAML, and FIDO and offers legacy support via RADIUS.

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Our Identity Proofing functionality is available through our SDK and is easily integrated into any custom app. So no matter if you are using the BlockID app or a custom integration, you can implement a mobile-first automated identity proofing workflow.

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1Kosmos is certified (by the Kantara Initiative) to NIST Identity Assurance Level 2 and compliant with Identity Assurance 3, as per the NIST 800-63-3 digital identity guidelines.