Our Advantage

The 1Kosmos BlockID Advantage

The interoperability available in the 1Kosmos platform through an SDK / API ensures quick integration with other systems and customer applications. Our identity-based authentication differentiates us, which ties a proofed and verified identity to the access request. This means that the user’s biometric is the authentication method. By implementing 1Kosmos, users will log in to their SSO platform, even services outside of the SSO environment, like – desktops, PAM services even, domain controllers and virtual machines, with a consistent experience, including passwordless authentication.

BlockID easily exists alongside any SSO deployment. Keep the SSO investment. But address these core areas of consideration in which 1Kosmos BlockID helps organizations improve their security posture and move toward a Zero Trust architecture.

Key Use Cases:

  1. Move to a completely passwordless SSO login experience.
  2. Support for platforms not covered by the SSO platform – desktops VPN, PAM, etc.
  3. Deploy password reset for applications where you cannot eliminate passwords.
  4. Manage security for contractors with devices that might not meet corporate requirements.
  5. Secure access to domain controllers and virtual machines.
  6. Automate identity verification and proofing for new employees, contractors, customers and citizens.

1Kosmos BlockID can easily coexist alongside any Single Sign-on investment filling in the security gaps SSO can introduce.

Identity Verification

1Kosmos BlockID Verify digitally transforms user onboarding with convenient self-service identity verification meeting NIST 800-63-3 assurance level 2 (IAL2). This ID+Selfie workflow binds the user’s verification to their account to prove identity at each access request.

One Common Experience

The 1Kosmos BlockID platform gets rid of passwords and plugs security loopholes in authentication while reducing SMS and additional licensing costs attributed to multiple authentication platforms. At the same time, delivering a modern, frictionless MFA experience.

Platform Coverage

For the technologies that fall outside of the SSO coverage, the BlockID platform has over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework enabling quick and easy integration into common technologies through to legacy and home-grown applications. Configuration and management are managed through the administration portal.

Third-Party Contractors

Close the security gap contractors can inject since managing a contractor’s system configuration can be difficult. By implementing BlockID, a contractor will verify their identity and log in to critical applications without a password from day one.

Zero Trust

Block ID’s zero trust authentication starts with an indisputable identity proofing process ensuring that every access attempt is tied to a trusted and verified identity. The result is a secure access infrastructure that is based on verified and proven identities tied to the user’s biometrics.

Password Reset

Users can reset their password through the BlockID app for applications where you cannot eliminate passwords.

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