Our Advantage

The 1Kosmos BlockID 1Key Advantage

By design, 1Kosmos offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of effectively managing user privacy. Leveraging advanced technologies like blockchain and biometrics, 1Kosmos provides secure identity verification and authentication, ensuring that users’ personal information remains protected against unauthorized access and misuse.

The privacy and security of user biometrics and other personally identifiable information (PII) comply with GDPR and 230 other GDPR-like regulations worldwide.

This privacy-by-design approach enables end users to view and approve or reject the sharing of all information requested by online services they wish to access. All personally identifiable information (PII) is encrypted end-to-end and never exposed. Users approve or reject sharing requests directly with the applications to which they connect without any third-party intermediary having access to their data – no external public key server, host messaging server, etc., have access to the keys or plaintext messages. Additionally, 1Kosmos and its customers cannot access the user data.

The captured PII data is encrypted and written to our private, permissioned blockchain, ensuring privacy, security, and complete auditability. Only the enrolled user can access the private key required to access and share their information at any time and with any online service.

The 1Kosmos privacy bydesign framework solution exceeds FIDO, NIST 800-63-3, UK DIATF, and iBeta DEA EPCS security standards.

Fido Certified. AICPA SOC. Information Security Management. Kantara Initiative Full Service Identity Proofing & Credential Management.

Certification and Compliance

1Kosmos BlockID is certified to FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, iBeta DEA EPCS, UK DIATF, SOC2 and ISO 27001. Our platform ensures there is no central honeypot of user information or a user store for hackers to attack. 3rd parties do not have administrative access to user information. Finally, users have sole authority over their information and determine what is shared or deny sharing with any online service at any time access is requested.

User Managed

1Kosmos empowers users to take charge of their personal information. Users have the authority to govern the sharing and exposure of their data, ensuring they retain control over who accesses it and when all through explicit user consent. Users are given a private key at the time of onboarding, and the key is owned by the user to control access to personally identifiable information (PII). This means that only the user, with their unique private key, can access their PII data, guaranteeing utmost security and privacy.

Secured computer login


Immediately after an end user downloads the 1Kosmos BlockID app, the application requires the end user to acknowledge the general consent conditions, including the validation of the end user’s documents. After consent, captured data will be under the user’s control (whether in an app or in a browser).

Data Capture

The capture and storage of end-user data will be managed on the end-user device (phone) or web wallet (if appless). The end user will fully
control saving, sharing, and deleting the information. The end user will continue to have full control when data is shared with service providers. 1Kosmos offers customizable data retention policies. By default, no identity data is retained, ensuring maximum privacy and security. Any images utilized within the 1Kosmos App are automatically deleted from memory once validation or verification is successfully completed

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