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The 1Kosmos BlockID Workforce Advantage

1Kosmos goes beyond device level authentication with security controls that can be tailored to verify identity at progressive levels of certainty. By verifying the identity associated with a biometric, IT can know with certainty who is accessing online services. We use a biometric passwordless MFA to verify user identity at each login and to overcome the timeless tradeoff between security and convenience. Users like it. Security teams love it!

Identity based authentication has only recently been made possible, and 1Kosmos is the only vendor to deliver a biometric passwordless MFA bound to a verified identity

Access Assurance

1Kosmos approach to identity verification generates a passwordless MFA credential workers use for authentication. The users verified identity is matched to the user’s biometric captured at enrollment. The biometric can’t be spoofed, and a users session can’t be compromised. Every access attempt verifies the user’s identity leaving no chance for impostors to log in.


For organizations that need more time to be ready to take the full jump to identity based passwordless authentication, 1Kosmos consolidates authentication methods and lays the foundation for a strategic transition to our identity based passwordless approach.

Identity Assurance

1Kosmos proves identity and provides flexibility to tailor the levels of identity assurance for different workers or groups of users. For identity verification we support both drivers license and passport verification via app-based or appless enrollment and can verify identity at lower levels of assurance using banking, telco (e.g., SIM binding), email, Social Security Number, Phone Number, and even an employee photo, among other methods.


As a cloud-based identity provider, BlockID comes with several exciting administration features. The Administration portal provides easy access to the configuration and management of the BlockID platform. Starting with over 50 out-of-the-box integrations and a robust API framework enabling quick and easy integrations into common technologies like – Azure, Ping, Okta, O365, and more.

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