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The 1Kosmos Zero Trust Access Advantage

1Kosmos BlockID identity based authentication authenticates users into your environment with cryptographic proof that they are who they say they are, with an immutable audit trail.

1Kosmos BlockID provides identity-based authentication by proofing a user’s identity and reaching IAL2 per the NIST 800-63- 3 guidelines and binding that to the user’s account. This makes credential sharing and identity impersonation impossible. The cost of deploying 2FA and MFA solutions that require hardware is also eliminated. The 1Kosmos BlockID app installed on the user’s smartphone will be the primary means for physical and logical access to whoever authenticates successfully.

When a user downloads the BlockID app and enrolls, they will take a live selfie – This is part of our LiveID biometric. Then, we ask the user for that selfie and compare it to their photo on government-issued documents like a passport or a driver’s license. 1Kosmos matches the selfie with the captured image(s) and gives the user a digital certificate that verifies their identity and it binds the account to the proven identity. When users authenticate through LiveID we compare the live selfie with the one taken at enrollment to prove identity and grant access. This is how 1Kosmos meets the Zero Trust access requirements.

1Kosmos BlockID identity based authentication authenticates users into your environment with cryptographic proof that they are who they say they are, with an immutable audit trail.

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Establish Identity

1Kosmos BlockID binds the user’s mobile device to a verified and validated identity. Our solution provides organizations with the ability to complete a mobile-first onboarding journey for any user. First, the new user will download your custom app integrated with the 1Kosmos BlockID mobile SDK or, the 1Kosmos BlockID app. Then, depending on the level of assurance required, the user will be guided to enroll their identity. For those instances where high identity proofing assurance is required, the user must enroll one or more forms of government-issued ID. The captured data is encrypted with the user’s private key and goes through another level of encryption before being stored in the 1Kosmos private and permissioned blockchain.

1Kosmos BlockID identity proofing will utilize a user’s driver’s license, passport, or National ID to validate a user’s identity. With the user’s consent, 1Kosmos BlockID will extract the content from the ID and verify the document’s validity. 1Kosmos BlockID supports document verification for over 205 countries. The extracted data, including the picture, is used to verify the user’s identity and is encrypted with the user’s private key and stored in the 1Kosmos private and permissioned blockchain protecting the user’s data and privacy.

Our identity proofing technology can:

  • Read barcodes defined by PDF 417 standard that has data encapsulated in it
  • Read the data stored in an MRZ code on both passports and National ID’s
  • Read and extract the secure data located in passport RFID chips
  • Provide a certified identity assurance level 2 (IAL2)

Enforce Authentication

Once the identity is validated and verified, synthetic ID fraud is prevented and the user account is generated and enrolled in a passwordless experience. 1Kosmos BlockID provides the option of using a much stronger identity-based MFA during this flow, 1Kosmos LiveID. The user will never need (or know) their credentials (username and password) and can now access their account or service through an identity-based biometric and a strong passwordless experience.

For low-risk authentication 1Kosmos BlockID can authenticate users to a lower identity assurance. By implementing 1Kosmos BlockID, you will consolidate, or now deliver, several types of methods into one experience. We offer native support for:

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QR Code Scan

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Push Notification +Acknowledgment

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Time-based OTP

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Real Biometrics

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Legacy Email/SMS Codes

We also support industry authentication standards such as OAuth, OIDC, SAML and FIDO.

LiveID Liveness Verification

1Kosmos BlockID performs a liveness verification when capturing the user’s picture and gesture and then leverages AI to validate the identity record upon access attempt. The process is certified (by the Kantara Initiative) to NIST Identity Assurance Level 2 and compliant with Identity Assurance 3, as per the NIST 800-63-3 digital identity guidelines.

LiveID Authentication

The authentication is a two-step process. The first is validating that it is a real-life person and not a spoofing attempt. Using the expressions and a true-depth camera functionality 1Kosmos BlockID verifies that a live person is present. Second, a selfie is taken, compared to the picture taken at enrollment, and access is granted if they match.

LiveID Accuracy

When implementing BlockID’s Identity Based Authentication, organizations can choose to verify the user via LiveID as one of their options. The stored LiveID image must match the user’s enrolled LiveID image before access is granted. The LiveID biometric authentication is certified iBeta and is over 99% accurate to deliver the assurance needed for zero trust access requirements.

Document Verification

Identity proofing is only as sound as the ID used. 1Kosmos BlockID identity proofing technology captures the information in the ID and looks to ensure the ID is valid. For instance, 1Kosmos BlockID checks for common characteristics of the entered document to identify if a photocopy is used. The RFID chip in a passport is another example, where if the chip can not be read, then the data is not validated.

In cases where a visual check of the data is required, 1Kosmos BlockID will work with third parties to validate the captured data and the ID document. Or, if organizations would prefer, 1Kosmos BlockID can activate an API to verify the data from the Country Signer Certificate Authority (CSCA) or from an issuing authority such as AAMVA for US drivers licenses, to validate the document and the data.


1Kosmos unifies identity proofing and authentication for employees, customers and citizens to enable secure passwordless access to sensitive applications, data and resources. BlockID is the only platform in the industry to be certified for iBeta, NIST 800-63- 3, UK DIATF, and FIDO which allows organizations and government agencies to onboard users with certainty on who they say they are in the digital world. It also performs an instant IAL2 certified identity verification without requiring the individual to be present at a physical location, and stores user data encrypted in a private, permissioned blockchain.

Blockchain Backend

To manage identity attributes and user privacy 1Kosmos BlockID utilizes a W3C Decentralized Identifier standard – a private and permissioned blockchain distributed ledger.

The 1Kosmos BlockID backend eliminates the central storage database of usernames and passwords and removes any risk of lost, borrowed, or stolen credentials. This backend is immutable, highly secure and designed to support rapid transaction execution that often cannot be achieved when using a public blockchain. Each user’s information is encrypted using their own unique cryptographic key pairs, with their private key stored securely on their mobile device.

Once users enroll their attributes and biometrics with 1Kosmos BlockID, the data is pushed to the 1Kosmos BlockID private and permissioned blockchain network.

A smart contract inside the blockchain is triggered and executed, and once validated, the user’s data is stored inside the blockchain. The clear benefit of the blockchain approach is eliminating a single identity repository, so hackers will not be able to access a “honey pot” of identity data that traditional vendors support.
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Identity Proofing SDK

Our Identity Proofing functionality is available through our SDK and is easily integrated into any custom app. Whether you are using the BlockID app or a custom integration, you can implement a mobilefirst automated identity proofing workflow.