Our Advantage

The 1Kosmos BlockID Advantage

The 1Kosmos BlockID platform delivers 99%+ identity proofing accuracy with 99%+ spoofing and counterfeit detection in seconds with absolute zero human bias or mistakes for both gender and race. 1Kosmos BlockID delivers a quick and convenient way for citizens to self-verify their identity using physical documents such as a government-issued driver’s license or passport. 1Kosmos BlockID can also leverage the non-physical, such as a telco ID account and banking credentials, to further improve identity assurance.

The captured data during the verification process is stored in a digital wallet on a decentralized identity platform, enabling a portable digital identity and allowing citizens to manage and choose when and how they share their PII data. From a government agency point of view, with a digital wallet, agencies can support citizens as they move through and require access to new or additional services. The data is never stored in a central location and is always controlled by the citizen.

After the citizen identity is verified, 1Kosmos BlockID binds it to the citizen account to deliver highly secure and low friction online engagement. BlockID confirms a person’s true identity with just a selfie. Fused with our proprietary image processing, our LiveID verification has the lowest processing bias in the industry.

With 1Kosmos BlockID, government organizations can verify citizen identities, increase citizen engagement, protect logins and reduce friction while maintaining the highest level of security with a frictionless user experience.


1Kosmos BlockID Identity Verification

  • Self-Service Identity Enrollment
    Enable citizens to enroll themselves in minutes and automatically create a decentralized digital identity free from identity decisioning bias.
  • Document Verification
    Verify the validity of a citizen’s driver’s license, passport, or National ID to validate a user’s identity.
  • Distributed Identity
    Store citizens encrypted digital identities in an immutable private blockchain to keep PII out of reach from hackers.
  • Digital Wallet
    Gives citizens control over their privacy and digital identity with a digital wallet based on SSI principles and certified by FIDO, NIST and UK DIATF.
  • Live Facial Biometrics
    Defy spoofing and go beyond device-level biometrics to verify users with 99% accuracy.
  • Identity Based Multi-Factor Authentication
    Use the TPM / Secure Enclave of a device and a live facial biometric scan to conduct authentication with a FIDO2 certified biometric credential.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    1Kosmos BlockID, you will consolidate several methods into one experience. TOTP, Touch/FaceID, Push Notificantion, SMS/Email OTP
  • Appless Verification and Authentication
    Leverage compatible hardware and web browsers to perform identity verification and leverage security keys or biometrics enabled hardware (Mac TouchID, Windows Hello) to login
  • Citizen Portal
    Offer users access to a centralized hub that allows them to easily control their identity and how it is shared.
  • Mobile App and SDK
    The 1Kosmos BlockID identity proofing functionality can be easily integrated into any custom app.
  • API-Based Architecture
    API-Based Architecture
  • Self-Service Password Reset Capability
    Empower users to reset their own passwords for those legacy systems and applications that still require them via FIDO2 biometric authentication.
  • Device Recovery
    Provide citizens with the ability to regenerate their public-private key in the event their device gets lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Administration Portal
    Access to a centralized hub for easy management of users and applications.