Hiring contractors is commonplace, but how do you onboard a contractor into your organization?

Like employees, contractors introduce security risks.

So whenever a contractor authenticates into the organization, do you have any assurance that it is the contractor you hired, or someone else working on their behalf, or a hacker?

1Kosmos BlockID, integrated with Saviynt Third Party Access Governance, quickly moves you toward a Zero-Trust model, where ‘never trust, always verify’ results from the combined solutions. 1Kosmos BlockID proves who somebody is, verifying users using biometrics, and eliminates inherent risks contractors introduce.

In addition, Saviynt Third Party Access Governance manages the identity life cycle, entitlements, and the governance of these third-party identities.

Download the integration whitepaper to learn more about the combined solutions and how you can address contractor onboarding and authentication.

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