The Challenge

On average, enterprises use at least 200 applications. This is why single sign-on (SSO) service providers like Okta are extremely convenient. SSO service providers ease the burden of keying login credentials to each system individually.

By adding Strong Identity to Okta′s authentication system, organizations can prove the identity of the user who’s actually authenticating. This removes the need for an Okta username, password, and separate 2FA process which means your downstream SSO connected apps are now as strong as the new, identity-based login. Furthermore, applications such as Windows and MAC login can also be covered, which represent a critical component for organizations.

By removing passwords at any point in time during the authentication process, organizations can mitigate the most significant risk of data breaches. Let’s not forget that 81 percent of all breaches are caused by lost or stolen credentials.

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Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap

By combining FIDO2 and NIST certifications, BlockID allows Okta to bridge the gap between SOO and identity proofing solutions.
Leverage User Biometrics

Leverage User Biometrics

BlockID eliminates the vulnerability of passwords by providing Okta with a passwordless authentication solution that leverages the user’s biometrics.
Access with Ease

Access with Ease

BlockID allows your distributed workforce to authenticate with their smartphone, laptop or workstation in seconds, without passwords, to access web and mobile applications, desktops, and VDIs.
One Enrollment

One Enrollment

All users of BlockID (workforce and customers) can leverage the BlockID passwordless application to authenticate with any Okta-protected app without having to register their mobile device and identity again.

Identity-Based Authentication for Okta

The BlockID Key-Differentiators

Compatible Passwordless Authentication

BlockID is the only solution that makes Zero Trust and passwordless authentication truly compatible.

The use of a password at any point during the authentication process does not verify the identity of the user, making Zero Trust’s “never trust, always verify” actually impossible. Having said that, Zero Trust does not just mean zero passwords. NIST-certified BlockID proofs the identity of the user who authenticates up to IAL2 per the NIST 800-63-3 Guidelines.

Identity-Based Authentication Reliability

BlockID is not only FIDO2 certified but it also brings identity-based authentication to FIDO in place of hope-based authentication.

The FIDO2 standard lacks details about how a user can be identified when the authentication process takes place. BlockID fills that gap by verifying the user’s identity, prior to providing passwordless authentication powered by advanced biometrics.

LiveID for Frictionless Customer Identification

BlockID provides Okta users with strong employee and customer authentication by replacing cumbersome extra layers such as one-time codes, with unhackable forms of security for specific operations.

Our liveness test, called LiveID, is a prime example. LiveID is an advanced form of biometric for frictionless customer identification and authentication that eliminates any risk of facial spoofing yet is as easy as Touch ID and Face ID. By providing strong customer authentication (SCA), BlockID is PSD2 compliant.

A Speedy Integration

BlockID integrates with Okta in minutes.

Moreover, BlockID offers extreme flexibility. You choose how you want your employees and customers to enroll their identity and whether you want them to authenticate with their biometrics on the BlockID app, a company app, or even appless with a native workstation, laptop or browser.

Skip the Password Retrieving Hassle

If users choose to not go passwordless when accessing applications via Okta, they can leverage the BlockID application to reset their Okta password in seconds.

Users won’t have to go through the cumbersome process of retrieving or creating a new password online.