Why should Optiv sell with 1Kosmos? 

1Kosmos thrives on building win-win scenarios with our partners around the world. We implement a partner-first strategy in every aspect of our sales execution. Our award-winning technology will open new revenue opportunities in both new and existing accounts. 

1Kosmos is the only company that leverages live biometrics to unify identity proofing and passwordless authentication. With our passwordless solution for enterprise workforces and our expert sales team supporting you in every aspect of the sales process, you’ll be able to help your customers transition from passwords to identity-based verification using the 1Kosmos BlockID platform. 

Enabling Your Sales Success

1Kosmos’ sales team is composed of experienced and successful IAM sales professionals with a long industry track record of selling identity solutions with partners.  They receive full compensation and quota credit when selling 1Kosmos products and related services with the Optiv Sales team. They know the importance and value that customers place on Optiv service offerings and are supportive of Optiv leveraging popular IAM use cases (see below) to drive the sales of both products and services. The 1Kosmos team understands the importance of cooperative account management and will always be supportive of Optiv’s leadership in the account.  

Teaming Up with 1Kosmos in Your Accounts

The 1Kosmos Sales team will assist you with all aspects of selling 1Kosmos products and related services.  They can help identify sales opportunities, register qualified deals, establish successful POCs, and bring 1Kosmos executive sponsors/resources in to help close the deal. Click on the 1Kosmos Sales Coverage Map link below to learn more about our team of sales experts and connect with the one that covers your territory/accounts.

Critical Customer Use Cases – Easy to Sell

The following use cases address critical, net-new solutions that customers are already looking for.  1Kosmos products complement and enhance your customers’ existing IAM solutions (IGA, SSO, PAM, remote access, etc.), to make these solutions easy to sell (i.e. no “forklift replacement” of incumbent tech) and add value to the customer’s existing IAM technology investments.  

Passwordless and Zero Trust

For both new prospects and customers that are looking to implement advanced identity and access management (IAM) capabilities including passwordless and Zero Trust access, 1Kosmos is the only platform certified by NIST, FIDO and iBeta to deliver an identity assurance level 2 (IAL2) and authenticator assurance level 2(AAL2) which meet the requirements for zero trust access.  To do so the 1Kosmos BlockID solution combines indisputable digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics and passwordless authentication while storing user data encrypted in a private, permissioned distributed ledger. 

Hosted in the cloud, our platform is easily deployed and managed with our robust SDK /API framework. Our solution will ensure that your customers will be secured regardless of the complexity of the environment or required authentication use case. Our solution typically front ends SSO environments, or other areas where secure access is required (i.e. privileged and remote access scenarios). 

Identity Proofing

1Kosmos BlockID Verify performs identity verification in 205 countries and can include agent-assisted document verification if required. SIM Binding, US SSN verification and driver’s license verification to AAMVA are optional for additional identity verification.

Using machine learning and computer vision technologies along with an intuitive user interface, our solution processes even low quality images in dark lighting. Images are processed through thousands of algorithms catching sophisticated fraudulent documents, This approach also possesses zero human bias and the least bias for gender and race decisioning using the #1 algorithm rated by NIST for non-biased decisioning.

Our identity proofing is easily integrated into native and custom mobile apps, web or desktop logins through our robust API and SDK framework.

SSO + Live Biometrics

What 1Kosmos brings to SSO (Okta, ForgeRock, Ping, Microsoft, and the like)  is a more secure access environment by eliminating password-based attacks and meeting zero trust access requirements. We accomplish this with advanced live biometrics that power identity-based authentication. This means that every access request is tied to a proofed and verified identity. Meaning the employee’s biometric identity becomes the authentication method. 

By implementing 1Kosmos users will login into their Windows, Mac, or Unix desktop with a passwordless experience using real biometrics.  The authentication will verify, with high assurance, that the user is who they claim to be. Our architecture delivers an immutable audit trail and meets the Zero Trust requirements for user authentication. This is exactly why you’d want to add us to your security infrastructure. We elevate your customers’ SSO deployment so they’ll know exactly who is accessing the network and help them meet zero trust standards that they wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. 

This is a great addition to your customer’s existing SSO deployment and a fantastic way to expand your footprint in the account. 

Low-Friction, High Value  MFA

MFA and 2FA introduce is friction to the user and come with well-known security gaps that still lead to compromise, as user name and password credentials most always remain part of this process. Hackers use phishing attacks as they routinely send emails, SMS messages, and phone calls, trying to trick users into disclosing account credentials, personal information, or downloading malware. As you know your customers spend a lot of time and effort to eliminate the weak link in the security chain: the password.

That’s why your customers will want to add in 1Kosmos. Our approach binds users to their proofed and validated identity. In doing so, 1Kosmos BlockID creates an identity-based biometric authentication and a passwordless experience. Your customers will utilize 1Kosmos for daily authentication and step-up authentication for physical, logical, or even offline access. 

The 1Kosmos advantage is replacing your customer’s authentication methods with our LiveID to enhance the security and identity assurance levels of any access request. This is a significant enhancement to any MFA capability and as a result, each access event is associated with a real, verified identity. This will also transition your customers  to a passwordless environment, and we can support your customer’s current access methods to ease their transition. 

Why would your customers care? 

By unifying identity proofing and strong authentication, the BlockID platform creates a distributed digital identity that prevents identity impersonation, account takeover, and fraud while delivering frictionless user experiences. BlockID is the only NIST, FIDO2, and iBeta PAD2 biometrics certified platform that performs millions of authentications daily for some of the largest banks, telecommunications, and healthcare organizations in the world. We ensure the only one who can access an account is the user it belongs to.  

Ready to go Passwordless?

Indisputable identity-proofing, advanced biometrics-powered passwordless authentication and fraud detection in a single application.