The 1Kosmos Advantage

Verified identity on first and every use for zero trust
Passwordless MFA anywhere, anytime, any device
Security tuned to risk tolerance by use case
Operates with or w/o 3rd party directory
Federated IdP enables rapid deployment
Interoperable with standard APIs and SDK
One platform for all use cases / legacy apps
Certified NIST IAL2 identifies exact user identity

Case Study

Top Financial Services Firm

1Kosmos delivers a coexistence strategy to ease employees into a passwordless experience, improving user experience while reducing helpdesk calls for password resets at a top Financial Services firm.
The sudden move to a hybrid workforce meant that security requirements changed. The investment firm moved from an 8 to 16-character password which significantly impacted the helpdesk – 400 calls per week, with a 45min average wait time. 1Kosmos was selected to deploy a passwordless foundation from which the organization could move employees from the existing authentication to biometric based authentication.


Reduce Help Desk Reliance

With the sudden move to a remote workforce due to the global pandemic, employees were faced with a 16-character password implementation to improve security. However, this led to approximately 400 helpdesk calls, with 45-minute wait times per week, for password resets. By selecting 1Kosmos, the organization experienced a significant reduction in helpdesk calls resulting in 2M in annualized savings.

Streamline Deployment

The financial services firm required a solution to meet its requirements to integrate with the current and future infrastructure. Integration into PingFederate, VPN (ZScaler), Windows and MacOS desktops were critical first steps. Additionally, they required support for their future move to Azure. The flexibility of the 1Kosmos connectors and API framework were critical to the success of the firm’s long-term strategy.

Deliver A Branded Experience

The investment firm focused on the user experience, recognizing its importance in users’ day-to-day productivity and overall security. The firm white-labeled the 1Kosmos BlockID platform and branded the 1Kosmos app as its own. The rebranded app is the authentication method for the employee’s passwordless login experience and provides a password reset option and 2FA for applications that were unable to move passwordless.

Improve User Adoption

With a focus on user experience, adoption and interoperability were core tenets to the firm’s selection process. By deploying 1Kosmos BlockID, the deployment team at the firm did not disrupt existing user workflows and deployed the custom-branded app side-by-side with their existing login. The coexistence strategy meant users could select when they were ready to adopt passwordless experience, easing adoption and the impact on the helpdesk.

Eliminated the reliance on passwords and deployed a custom solution in keeping with the brand, virtually eliminating helpdesk calls, saving 2M per year in helpdesk costs.

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