New solution provides verified identity-based login access without BlockID application

 1Kosmos, the only standards-certified platform that uses advanced biometrics and a private blockchain to create an indisputable, reusable digital identity for strong and continuous authentication, today announced the availability of its App-less Authentication product for BlockID Workforce and BlockID Customer users. App-less Authentication will be used by companies and enterprises as an option for password-less logins via mobile device or laptop without the use of 1Kosmos’ flagship BlockID mobile application.

Customers enrolled in 1Kosmos’ Workforce and Customer solutions will no longer be required to use the BlockID app and will have the option to use a mobile or computer device’s biometric capabilities or scan a QR code with a camera to follow a simple log-in prompt. App-less Authentication is also certified and uses FIDO2 standards to provide a strong, verified identity-based authentication. With an increased need for strong security in a remote workforce, App-less Authentication gives organizations greater accessibility and flexibility to adopt passwordless solutions like BlockID.

“Our App-less Authentication solution offers the standards-based identity proofing and authentication measures that our customers rely on with an enhanced frictionless approach,” said Hemen Vimadalal, founder and CEO of 1Kosmos. “Compromised passwords are one of the biggest vulnerabilities that companies face, but implementing passwordless security doesn’t have to be complicated.  Our team is committed to providing flexibility in our products while adhering to strong security and authentication standards.”

This decision comes amid rising popularity and need for passwordless security solutions. Gartner reports that 60% of large and 90% of midsize enterprises will transition to passwordless authentication by 2022, up 5% since 2018’s expectations. Following large scale cyber attacks like the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline breaches earlier this year, passwordless solutions offer a safe, secure and verifiable way to protect against identity and informational breaches. Additionally, the need for easy but reliable security is a top priority for companies, especially in a time of a growing digital-first and remote workforce.

As companies and enterprises strive for strong security without sacrificing efficiency and convenience, 1Kosmos provides frictionless solutions to replace single sign-on solutions and multifactor authentication.

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About 1Kosmos

1Kosmos BlockID is a distributed digital identity platform supporting both business-to-employee and business-to-consumer services that easily integrates with existing operating systems, applications, and IT security infrastructure to perform strong, verified identity-based authentication – eliminating the need for passwords, one-time codes, and more. By simplifying identity infrastructure, 1Kosmos drives both cost savings and user convenience while securing businesses and individuals from the harm and inconvenience of identity fraud. The company is headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey. For more information, visit or follow @1KosmosBlockID on Twitter.

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