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Ensure secure access for your remote workforce 

1Kosmos BlockID brings the next generation contact-free authentication solution, so you can identify and authenticate your remote workforce in a reliable, secure and fast way, while reaching IAL2 and AAL2 levels per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines.


The "new normal" increases mobile work... and cyber criminality.

Employees working remotely can be a hacker's paradise. 

Covid-19 has drastically accelerated a trend that was mostly predominant in Anglo-Saxon countries: telecommuting. In cultures where working from home instead of an office was relatively non-existent, the pandemic has forced a sudden change. However, how many organizations are truly prepared to manage the IT implications of this "new normal"?

Working from home requires discipline. And part of the effort requires employees log into their employers' systems and internal applications securely, by following strict protocols. The use of the home WiFi networks, for example, is an implicit invitation for cyber criminals to compromise your organization's data. So is the potential access to sensitive data through home computer connections to your company network.  

A surge in the number of workers who are new to working remotely dramatically increase the opportunities of success for cyberattacks.    

The dangers of having a remote workforce. 

A mobile phone or a laptop inadvertently left on the table of the neighborhood coffee shop or at the airport lounge represents an easy first step for a hacker to break into corporate systems. What about the employee's password written on a good old post-it note stuck inside the cover of an iPad, stolen during a subway ride? Employees working remotely are certainly more subject to theft

Believe it or not, there are businesses out there that are still comfortable exchanging sensitive data between their corporate systems and remote machines over low-security and even unencrypted web protocols. It's a walk in the park for a hacker, especially if the remote employee uses public WiFi networks to exchange this data.

It is still pretty common for companies to grant the same privileges for remote workers as those they have when in the office. The consequence is dire. A cybercriminal can get total access to corporate systems in the event of a successful hack.

1 Kosmos BlockID: Remote workforce ID-proofing and authentication on steroids.

  • "On steroids" because BlockID is so much more than an MFA solution.
  • The utilization of advanced Biometrics to secure the identity of your remote workforce. A hacker cannot reproduce and, therefore, compromise the analysis and result of a liveness test, for example. 
  • The elimination of excessive user privileges, so a given system can only be accessed by those who work remotely and are in charge through our NIST 800-63-3 AAL2 grade authentication solution.  
  • A distributed ledger that is virtually uncompromisable and that initiates peer-to-peer transactions while ensuring the immutability of the data stored is the answer to risks associated with systems hacking.
  • The combination of advanced Biometrics to enroll and authenticate your employees and distributed ledger technology guarantees data is securely stored while facilitating all exchanges between your systems and your employees working remotely.
  • Your remote workforce can even use personal devices as long as they can be unlocked with BlockID. Securing  virtual private networks (VPNs) is strongly encouraged.

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Check out the benefits of BlockID for your remote workforce.

BlockID is the next generation contact-free authentication solution powered by advanced biometrics and Blockchain technology. Your workforce enrolls identity and authenticates with the levels of assurance per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines of IAL2 and AAL2. 

Visit the Workforce User Journey for more information. 

Data Storage and The BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem.

Our private Blockchain-based data storage architecture promotes trust between your organization and your employees for all accesses to systems and applications. 

Leveraging the BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem entails storing employees' biometric information in a virtually incorruptible system to ensure they are who they say they are at all times throughout the process. Employees’ data stored in our distributed ledger aren’t subject to data breaches. 

The immutability of a distributed ledger is leveraged to record service provider-customer interactions. The document can never be modified, leaving an auditing trail, and therefore creating trust between all parties involved. Watch the video

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Contact us to learn more about BlockID for your remote workforce.


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“Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organization and government across the globe...These Verizon solutions (powered by 1Kosmos BlockID) offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”
Alex Schlager, Executive Director and Chief Product Officer of security services at Verizon Business