Blockchain and Biometrics

Rohan Pinto

Technology has revolutionized many walks of life so as the security and identity management systems. biometrics was one of them. Biometrics has ended up being a standout amongst the most vital advances these days for identification. Be that as it may, with its expanding appropriation in extensive scale ventures like national security , financial firms there’s a developing worry over the weakness of the framework that the data can be spilled or utilized by an outsider without the consciousness of the proprietors.

Blockchain innovation gives the ideal match to secure biometric validation. Comfort, security, and protection are improved. 1Kosmos‘s answer makes the biometric blockchain simple to scale and receive. Blockchain gives appropriated and decentralized methods for keeping up client information without the requirement for a solitary substance to store or process it. Data can’t be changed or undermined.

By joining biometrics and blockchain, character data will be put away in a conveyed record framework which implies that the authorities don’t approach your own data any longer and you now have the control over your data to pick which data and which authority to impart to.

Later on biometrics will be utilized widely for management of identity. Biometric confirmation is as of now firmly fixing to the idea of identity since some biometrics can extraordinarily distinguish you inside a given set of objects  In this specific circumstance, personality is the methods by which you make “claims” to rights, enrollment, and responsibility for or information.

The uses of biometrics are different and boundless. Today, we can open our cell phones with our fingerprints and utilize our voices to access touchy data.

At present, we rely upon governments to issue personality qualifications as specific archives like international IDs, birth certificates, and driver’s licenses. These personality archives are physical portrayals of data kept by a focal expert in secured advanced capacity, however they can be utilized free of those brought together frameworks for distinguishing proof. For instance, you can open a ledger or go on a carrier by utilizing just your driver’s permit for ID. On the off chance that lost or stolen, these archives can be utilized by hooligans  to  destroy our lives. Supplanting your documents can be a costly, hectic and exhausting procedure. A significant number of us keep these reports in flame resistant safes, safe store boxes or comparative shielded compartments to shield them from misfortune, burglary or harm.

Demonstrating and securing your online identity is substantially more troublesome. Would you be able to open a financial balance without going to a branch face to face? In many locales, the appropriate response is no, on the grounds that banks rely upon physical character certifications to demonstrate you are who you claim to be. Banks rely upon solid evidences of personality to satisfy hostile to illegal tax avoidance prerequisites and uphold know-your-client consistence. You should show up face to face to bear witness to your character within the sight of someone else.

In any case, a basic inquiry remains: in what manner will you guarantee a given character certification is yours on a blockchain?  Could blockchains be utilized to deal with undeniable cases? In what manner will you connect yourself with those cases and keep others from asserting your credentials? One conceivable answer is blockchain validation. Undertakings will assume a basic part in the issuance of verifiable claims and confirmation of the characters related with those cases. To be related with a claim, you should know something, have something or be something (biometrics). What if the secret word of a blockchain accreditation is lost, it might be exceptionally troublesome if not difficult to recoup on the grounds that there is no expert to interest for substitution. A token can be lost or stolen, with the goal that leaves biometrics as the most grounded contender for personality qualification administration on blockchains.

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Rohan Pinto

Co-founder of 1Kosmos

Rohan is the co-founder of 1Kosmos. He is a go-to security and identity management expert and the founder of several businesses that have made considerable advancements in blockchain and identity management.