Securing Digital Government Services with Credential Service Providers

Robert MacDonald

Demands by residents for contactless services have accelerated the need for digital government services, but rampant identity fraud is impeding digital transformation and costing taxpayers millions. Stopping fraud means blocking synthetic and stolen identities during the application process and securing resident accounts from phishing and social engineering attacks aimed at account takeover.. At 1Kosmos, we’ve made it our mission to fortify digital identities and empower both government agencies and citizens for a secure and seamless digital future.

The Power of Credential Service Providers (CSPs)

A Credential Service Provider (CSP) conducts identity verification during enrollment and subsequently validates identity during each access attempt. This streamlines the allocation of limited resources for organizations, allowing them to efficiently provide online services to eligible individuals. By expediting identity verification procedures and ensuring the security and convenience users anticipate, agencies expedite the delivery of accessible services to genuine residents.

The 1Kosmos CSP managed service offers a contemporary, user-friendly approach to self-service identity verification (e.g., IAL2) and authentication (e.g., AAL2) that works seamlessly on any device, at any time, with a remarkable accuracy rate exceeding 99%. Equipped with an identity-backed, reusable credential, residents gain effortless access to multiple websites, applications, and services. They also gain control over and securely manage the sharing of their personal information, simplifying both privacy and compliance management.

Leveraging a IAL2 certified Full CSP enables organizations to sidestep the constant arms race of security challenges. With 1Kosmos CSP managed services, the burden of staying ahead of the latest security threats, relationships with bureaus, and deep fake mitigation is shouldered by us. Government agencies and organizations can focus on delivering efficient online services to legitimate residents, confident in the knowledge that their security needs are expertly managed.

The Role of 1Kosmos in Strengthening Digital Identities

1Kosmos BlockID has emerged as a true game-changer in the realm of identity verification and authentication. Our platform matches users’ real biometrics with their government issued IDs to prove their identities each time they access government services. Through its intuitive, user-friendly interface, residents can seamlessly access various sites, applications, and services with a reusable, secure credential in hand. 

By automating manual identity and credential verification processes, our platform guarantees a secure, rules-based workflow that significantly minimizes errors. With its adherence to the rigorous NIST 800-63-3 standards and verifiable data registries, government agencies can conduct stringent Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) verification, issuing digitally signed Authentication Assurance Level 2 (AAL2) credentials. This process lays the foundation for a secure digital environment, fostering a relationship of trust between citizens and the government.

In the face of increasing threats like phishing and cyber-attacks, 1Kosmos BlockID further enhances security measures through its support for biometric passwordless multi-factor authentication, leveraging a flexible offering of phishing-resistant authenticators to suit many different types of users. Our flexible identity proofing mechanism allows for adaptable levels of identity assertion, catering to the evolving needs of both government agencies and customers. With a comprehensive suite of identification methods, including device biometrics and LiveID, we ensure that every access request is met with the appropriate balance of security and convenience.

1Kosmos Digital Wallet: The Ultimate Secure Platform

Moreover, 1Kosmos BlockID’s digital wallet serves as the ultimate secure platform, enabling users to verify their identities in a private and convenient manner. With the assurance that the digital wallet remains securely in the hands of the rightful user, government agencies can streamline management across multiple online services seamlessly. The platform supports an unlimited number of personas or accounts, binding user biometrics via the IAL2 workflow to FIDO2 certified credentials, effectively eliminating the need for usernames or passwords. This advancement empowers users and governments alike, facilitating a smooth transition to a more comprehensive array of online services and offerings.

At 1Kosmos, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of digital identity and security solutions. Our mission is to empower government agencies to navigate the challenges of the digital era with unwavering confidence. Join us in shaping a future where digital identity remains secure, and the trust between citizens and their governments is the cornerstone of a thriving digital society. With 1Kosmos, the future of digital identity is not just a distant dream, but a reality that is within reach. For more information, please watch our recent on-demand webinar.

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