The Challenge

A sudden government mandate required the global bank to retire its existing legacy MFA platform. 1Kosmos was selected due to the inability of the legacy provider to deliver an MFA solution adopting mobile technology form factors. Additionally, 1Kosmos SIM Binding functionality enabled the bank to fend off rampant fraud around SIM swapping.

The Results

Provide Access For All
Regardless of location or available cellular service, it was important to the bank to ensure customers could authenticate to access their accounts, even if they did not have internet access.
Deliver a Superior User Experience
With its many digital offerings, the bank needed to consolidate its customer MFA experience into a single app. It was important for the bank to provide customers a choice for how they would like to authenticate into their account. Additionally, the bank wanted to meet the digital demands of millions of users and enable customers to self-manage their PII data.
Support for Organizational Growth
The bank required a partner to meet the business’s growing demands. One that could meet their immediate needs and provide an API for other areas of the business to take advantage of the 1Kosmos MFA capabilities. The bank recognized the importance of a passwordless future for both customers and employees.
Streamline Account Origination
The bank recognized how easy it is for a malicious actor to get the username and password of a customer and obtain the customer’s OTP. With SIM Binding, the bank could ensure the account’s rightful owner and allow this verified device to register and transact using OTPs.

This capability also meets the government requirements for the SIM binding of a user’s mobile devices. Once customers enrolled their attributes, the bank needed to ensure customers could own and manage their data, secured on the 1Kosmos distributed identity platform.
1Kosmos deployed a critical TOTP requirement, providing improved customer security, an enhanced user experience for 27M customers, and 1M transactions/day.
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