Unified identity proofing and passwordless platform can be provisioned from leading ecosystem for financial services industry

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., July 6, 2023 — 1Kosmos, the company that unifies identity proofing and passwordless authentication, today announced the 1Kosmos BlockID distributed identity cloud service is now available on NayaOne, the leading Digital Transformation Platform provider for financial institutions. NayaOne makes the BlockID platform more accessible to banks looking to deploy a phishing resistant approach to passwordless multi-factor authentication that delivers a frictionless user experience through non-spoofable, live biometrics with verified identity. 

The NayaOne Digital Transformation Platform provides a single point of access to the latest fintech innovations that  enable financial institutions to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape with access to synthetic data and a digital sandbox. The BlockID cloud service is designed to prevent identity impersonation, account takeover and fraud while delivering a convenient, frictionless login experience. It provides passwordless access for customers, workers, and citizens to securely transact with digital services. The 1Kosmos listing makes it easy for customers to test, deploy and directly procure BlockID in the NayaOne Marketplace.

“1Kosmos enables organizations to combat stolen and synthetic identities and to easily migrate their workforce, partners and customers to identity-based, passwordless multi-factor authentication that prevents account compromise attacks and fraud,” said Michael Cichon, Chief Marketing Officer for 1Kosmos. “NayaOne’s reach and advanced features have enabled us to showcase BlockID’s capabilities for unifying identity proofing and passwordless to a wider audience in the banking sector and attract new customers.”

“We are pleased to welcome 1Kosmos to the NayaOne Marketplace, and its passwordless multifactor authentication platform which enables financial institutions to modernize authentication as part of their digital transformation initiatives,” said Oli Platt, Product and Marketplace Manager for NayaOne. “We look forward to supporting 1Kosmos in their growth and expansion, and to continue bringing value to our customers by offering innovative solutions like the BlockID service.”

1Kosmos BlockID provides the following capabilities and benefits:

  • A distributed identity cloud service that unifies identity verification and passwordless authentication in one integrated platform
  • A frictionless user experience with simple user onboarding and convenient access anywhere, anytime and on any device
  • User-managed privacy providing individuals complete control over their personal data and the ability to share on demand with consent
  • A developer-friendly SDK, APIs and over 50 out of the box integrations for easy deployment
  • Advanced live biometric authentication to eliminate spoofing and verify users with over 99% accuracy
  • Standards-based platform certified for NIST 800.63.3 via Kantara, FIDO2, PAD-2 and ISO 27001, and compliant with GDPR and SOC2 requirements

For more information about 1Kosmos BlockID in the NayaOne Marketplace, please visit http://nayaone.com/.

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About 1Kosmos

1Kosmos enables passwordless access for workers, customers and residents to securely transact with digital services. By unifying identity proofing and strong authentication, the BlockID platform creates a distributed digital identity that prevents identity impersonation, account takeover and fraud while delivering frictionless user experiences. BlockID is the only NIST 800-63-3 via Kantara, FIDO2 and iBeta biometrics certified platform that performs millions of authentications daily for some of the largest banks, telecommunications and healthcare organizations in the world. The company is funded by Forgepoint Capital and Gula Tech Adventures with headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey. For more information, visit www.1kosmos.com and follow us  on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About NayaOne 

NayaOne is a leading financial technology company focused on bringing financial institutions and the fintech ecosystem together to accelerate digital transformation and innovation in the financial services industry. NayaOne’s platform provides a single point of access to the latest fintech innovations and data, enabling financial institutions to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Press Contact

Marc Gendron
Marc Gendron PR for 1Kosmos