Analysts expect 1Kosmos BlockID platform’s approach to become standard for distributed digital identity verification and passwordless MFA

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., Oct 19, 2023 — 1Kosmos, the company that unifies identity proofing and passwordless authentication, today announced that it has been named a Luminary vendor for its BlockID platform in the Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report from FindBiometrics and Acuity Market Intelligence.

According to the report: “1Kosmos is leading the charge in the identity space because it takes biometric digital identity as seriously as the blockchain technology that positions it in this Prism Beam. With significant resources and proprietary face biometrics technology, this Luminary is participating in the testing initiatives and standards programs to ensure it can deliver on the long-held promise of blockchain-based identity: reusable, strong identity that is device-agnostic with a wide breadth of application areas. Our researchers expect 1Kosmos’ currently novel methods to become the standard.”

“Identity is a key component of business processes today, but many companies are still relying on easy to compromise and perishable authentication methods that are tied to a password or hackable device,” said Hemen Vimadalal, CEO of 1Kosmos. “The BlockID platform provides identity-based passwordless, multifactor authentication that uses self-sovereign and privacy-by-design principles to generate a verified and reusable digital identity. We are honored to be recognized for our innovations by the Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report.”

The Biometric Digital Identity Prism Report helps influencers and decision makers understand, innovate, and implement digital identity technologies, and covers:

  • Evolutionary trends influencing the biometric digital identity market.
  • Strategic guidance for vendors seeking to capitalize on opportunities in the biometric identity space.
  • Key differentiators to help plan a digital identity roadmap for your organization.
  • The advanced Biometric Digital Identity Prism market landscape reference model.
  • Assessments and profiles for vendors included on the Biometric Digital Identity Prism.

The 1Kosmos BlockID identity verification and multifactor authentication platform combines biometrics with a private blockchain to generate a verified digital identity for each end user. The solution registers a user’s face biometrics using liveness detection and a selfie video, triangulates their biographic data from verified credentials, and binds that information to a reusable identity wallet. From there, the user can log into their accounts with a blink and a smile. The platform has attained certification to FIDO2, NIST 800-63-3, UKDIATF, and iBeta’s DEA EPCS guidelines, and offers a range of applications, including employee/ customer onboarding, non-phishable passwordless MFA into digital services, and even official ID for citizens through a Credential Service Provider managed service. 

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About 1Kosmos

1Kosmos enables passwordless access for workers, customers and residents to securely transact with digital services. By unifying identity proofing and strong authentication, the BlockID platform creates a distributed digital identity that prevents identity impersonation, account takeover and fraud while delivering frictionless user experiences. BlockID is the only NIST 800-63-3 via Kantara, FIDO2 and iBeta biometrics certified platform that performs millions of authentications daily for some of the largest banks, telecommunications and healthcare organizations in the world. The company is funded by Forgepoint Capital and Gula Tech Adventures with headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey. For more information, visit and follow us  on X and LinkedIn.

Press Contact

Marc Gendron
Marc Gendron PR for 1Kosmos