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Employee identity verification the indisputable way

BlockID Verify for Workforce is a revolutionary new way to capture and validate workforce identity information. Instead of filling out forms, employees use the BlockID mobile app to scan their existing identity documents, and BlockID Verify confirms the validity of those credentials in seconds, automatically without any human intervention.



BlockID Verify for Workforce - The User Journey

Instant data verification

BlockID verifies the validity of an employee's claim within seconds by triangulating the very same claim with a multitude of government-issued documents and sources of truth, including advanced, unspoofable, biometrics.

Easy, frictionless onboarding

New and existing employees can quickly and easily enter rich identity data by simply taking a picture of their existing identity documents, and BlockID Verify for Workforce automatically validates that information in seconds.

More reliable information

BlockID Verify helps to ensure that the information employee enter is both valid and accurate, and helps to eliminate the creation of bogus or fraudulent accounts.

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A better way to capture and verify workforce identity information

With the secure BlockID mobile app, employees take a picture of their existing identity documents or credentials, such as their company ID, driver's license or passport — whatever identity information their employer requires to create or confirm the existence of their account.

Within seconds, BlockID verifies the validity of those credentials and the information they include using artificial intelligence (AI) and leading third-party verification services, automatically without any human intervention or manual processes.

Strictest standards for workforce identity

BlockID Verify satisfies the strictest industry and regulatory standards for identity, including the new US standard (NIST 800 63-3) for Identity Assurance Level 3 (IAL3) and Authenticator Assurance Level 3 (AAL3).

With BlockID Verify, new and existing employees can comply with their employers HR requirements for onboarding, without having to fill out any forms or appear in person to verify their identity.

More streamlined experiences

BlockID Verify helps to ensure that the information employees enter is both valid and accurate. It helps to eliminate the creation of bogus or fraudulent accounts or accounts with inadvertently incorrect information.

Real-time drivers license enrollment & verification

BlockID Verify makes capturing and verifying the authenticity of drivers licenses fast and easy. You use the BlockID mobile app to scan the "PDF417" bar code on the back of the license, and BlockID Verify's built-in AI capabilities perform real-time ID card detection and classification and verify the authenticity of the document.

Real-time passport enrollment & verification

You can quickly and easily capture and verify the authenticity of passports, too. The BlockID mobile app can read the passport's "MRZ" data, perform UV, white light and ink-depth checks, and scan the embedded RFID chip. BlockID Verify then confirms the passport's authenticity in real time, including the issuing authority's signature in the RFID chip.

Advanced facial recognition

The BlockID mobile app doesn't rely on the mobile device's own facial recognition capabilities. Instead, it uses our own proprietary and far more advanced deep metrics learning technology — arguably one of the most groundbreaking achievements in computer vision/deep learning in the last few years — to achieve an impressive 99.38% accuracy.

Zero trust security

Based on the principle of "never trust, always verify," our zero trust framework is designed to prevent data breaches by always verifying the authenticity of every transaction throughout the lifecycle of each user's interactions with the BlockID platform.

Data triangulation

Our secret sauce for validating document and biometric authenticity is data triangulation — never relying on just one or two sources but always using the convergence of information from multiple sources.

Address verification

BlockID Verify provides real-time address verification, confirming the address from enrolled documents against the user's current address of record and other sources of truth for NIST 800-63-3 compliance.

Easy to add

BlockID Verify is an optional feature for both BlockID Customer and BlockID Workforce — it can be automatically and seamlessly included if you need it. BlockID Verify also comes as a software development kit (SDK) that makes it easy to integrate with your own applications or mobile apps.

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