Introducing 1Kosmos’ New Admin Experience

Sheetal Elangovan

Over the last year, we have listened to our customers, their feedback and their challenges. We have redesigned our product to be more usable, intuitive and flexible to meet the security landscape of any workforce – big or small. Traditionally, UX in B2B products is an afterthought but for us here at 1Kosmos, building a great product for administering the passwordless experience is a big deal. To us, the administrators are the jedis protecting the workforce against the dark forces.


BlockID is built around the way end users authenticate with strong identities. The management experience for BlockID is built for the IT teams and security administrators to enable their users with efficiency and actionable intelligence. The BlockID AdminX is every admin’s common entry point into managing applications, users, directories, devices and configurations of the tenant.

Going passwordless doesn’t have to be a hassle for administrators. 

The DIY administrator guide to going passwordless: 

  1. Test Drive: Get familiar with the interface and our help guides. Going passwordless can be a new experience for end users. Try creating a couple of users in the ‘Internal User Store’ and inviting them to setup their devices for Login with QR code.
  2. Bring Users: Connect to an existing data store. By deploying the BlockID broker, you can read into an existing AD/LDAP repository in real time. There will be no hassles with keeping data in sync or having to manage users in multiple locations.
  3. Track user invitation status: Use the admin portal to quickly send invites to register their device as an authenticator. Track enrollment across the enterprise right from the admin portal. Be sure to customize our email templates to invite and enroll users with language that is inviting and clear.


  1. Connect applications and workstations: Use our intuitive interface and docs to guide you through the process of integrating and testing Single Sign On into an application. Choose from our one click integration catalog or the use generic SAML based configuration to onboard an application.
  2. Work on Adoption: Telling end users to download an app to login or move away from passwords needs to be socialized with end users. Communicate often, give end users a demo and reinforce the benefits of going passwordless. Redesign the login page from the admin portal to reflect the branding of your company and deepen trust with your users.
  3. Evaluate your investment: BlockID provides insights on the usage of the platform. Collect metrics on the devices enrolled, number of users enrolled and users actively using passwordless means to authenticate into connected applications. Work with us directly to report the success and challenges of going passwordless.

Explore other MFA options: 

We offer strong OTP based MFA workflows for users who are not ready to go passwordless.

Reach out for a demo

Check out our datasheet or reach us at for a quick demo.

Overcoming Resistance to Change on the Journey to Passwordless MFA
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Meet the Author

Sheetal Elangovan

UX Lead & Product Manager, Admin Experience

Sheetal is the Product Manager of the Admin experience on the BlockID platform and Product design lead for all products that we are building here at 1Kosmos. Previously, she was a UX specialist at Experian supporting a large scale digital transformation effort on the B2B side. Sheetal is passionate about product, user experience and building things that people care about.