Together companies will scale availability of identity based authentication offering in Mexican market

East Brunswick, N.J., Sept. 28, 2021 –1Kosmos, the only cybersecurity solution to provide identity proofing and passwordless authentication, has been selected as the winner of the 2021 Alestra NAVE Program. NAVE is the open innovation program of Alestra, a Mexican company with the most robust offering of information and communication technology services in the country.

The NAVE program promotes B2B startups and scaleups aligned to technological megatrends, and enables organizations to be more productive through digitization in areas like big data, AI, mobility, IoT, VR/AR, cybersecurity, and blockchain. In February, 1Kosmos was selected as one of six winners to enter the organization’s 16-week program to introduce its BlockID platform to Alestra’s customers. The company entered this program with the objective to formalize business alliances in the Mexican market and strengthen Alestra’s portfolio of digital transformation services. Through this partnership, Alestra will leverage all of 1Kosmos BlockID product offerings to enhance their identity based authentication capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to be selected as the winner of Alestra’s NAVE Program this year amid a highly competitive pool of participants,” said Hemen Vimadalal, CEO and co-founder of 1Kosmos. “Our BlockID technology represents a critical industry shift toward identity based authentication measures which are the future of cybersecurity. As an organization dedicated to digital innovation and the sharing of ideas, NAVE has been a great partner in helping spread the need for this technology and the principles behind it.”

BlockID is the platform supporting 1Kosmos product offerings, each of which advances identity based authentication principles. As a standards-certified solution, BlockID allows users to establish an undisputable identity for use in all login attempts by uploading government issued IDs that are verified against live biometrics. All information is stored in a decentralized blockchain ledger to ensure the highest level of identity protection. This highly verified identity makes obsolete traditional username/password credentials, and added protection measures of multifactor authentication (MFA) and one time codes (OTC). All 1Kosmos solutions eliminate identity fraud without introducing friction into the user experience. 

“At Alestra, we’re proud to name 1Kosmos as an official commercial partner after concluding our 2021 NAVE Open Innovation Program,” said Jenaro Martinez, Director of Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Alestra. “With BlockID, 1Kosmos is defining a market for identity based authentication and the important role this technology will play in the future of cybersecurity. Though there are many benefits of the platform, the ease of implementation will allow companies like ours, and our 18,000 clients, to accelerate our digital transformation.”

Now in its fifth year, NAVE seeks to create a dynamic and collaborative ecosystem with global reach to enable digital innovation in Mexico. The mission of its open innovation program is to attract entrepreneurs who work with disruptive technologies to generate future value such as new products, business models, and skills. It is focused on facilitating the entry of new businesses in Mexico, including education on the Mexican market and regional go-to-market strategy, the constitution of the company, compliance with regulations and payment of taxes, pricing, and the management of international operations.

About 1Kosmos

1Kosmos BlockID is a distributed digital identity platform supporting both business-to-employee and business-to-consumer services that easily integrates with existing operating systems, applications, and IT security infrastructure to perform strong, verified identity-based authentication – eliminating the need for passwords, one-time codes, and more. By simplifying identity infrastructure, 1Kosmos drives both cost savings and user convenience while securing businesses and individuals from the harm and inconvenience of identity fraud. The company is headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey. For more information, visit or follow @1KosmosBlockID on Twitter. 

About Alestra

Alestra is Axtel ICT services business unit, it is a leader and a promoter of Digital Innovation for companies and government organizations with more than 25 years leading digital transformation and close to 15 years of experience in corporate innovation solutions. Throughout its portfolio, Alestra enables organizations with managed networks, collaboration, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, systems integration, digital transformation and mobility, in alliance with the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

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