Video Transcript
Hi, I'm Rob MacDonald, VP of Product Marketing here at 1Kosmos. In a previous Unplugged, we showed you how to verify your identity by scanning your passport with our 1Kosmos BlockID app. In this video, we're going to show you an appless experience. Only this time we're going to use a driver's license, and I'm going to bring a friend along for this video as well to show you how it works, so let's get started.

So, I'm going to scan this QR code. It's going to take me to a web page, it's going to load the app here. I'm going to select that I'm okay with what's about to happen, privacy controls. So, let's get started. It's going to give me a couple of instructions in terms of how to go about doing this. Got to make sure the document's in the frame, make sure the image doesn't have any glare, just to make sure that everything will be captured properly.

So, let's start the scan. I'm going to grant it access to the camera. I have my driver's license here, scan the front, we're going to scan the back. Notice how fast that was? It's pretty quick. So, right now what it's doing is it's loading those two images that I captured and give me an example of the result of the capture. These look pretty good, so I'm going to continue.

Next I'm going to provide a selfie, and the selfie that I'm going to take here is going to be compared to the image that was on the driver's license that we just captured to make sure that my face, my actual face matches the face that's on my driver's license. So, let's go ahead and do that.

Take that picture. It's going to load that selfie now, it's going to give a little preview, make sure that it looks good. You can retry the capture if you want, but this one looks pretty good. It can only make me look so good, so let's click continue. Now it's going to do a check for authenticity, it's going to look for different fraud checks and signals. It's going to compare the selfie like I mentioned earlier, just to ensure that I am the person that I claim to be and the person that's on that driver's license.

You now know that I'm based in Ontario, Canada, but I'm going to hand it over to my friend Maureen. She's down in Florida, sunny Florida, and she's going to show you how this works with a Florida-based driver's license. She's not going to use the same process I used, she's going to do it straight through her browser and the camera on her laptop. Maureen, why don't you show us how that works?

Thanks, Rob. I'm Maureen and I'm going to show you how I scan my U.S. driver's license appless with BlockID. First, I'll scan the front of my driver's license, then I'll scan the back of my driver's license and I'll do a live ID selfie. That's all there is to it, my ID has been checked.

Thanks, Maureen. That's the 1Kosmos appless experience when verifying your identity. We look forward to talking to you again in our next video.