Video Transcript
Rob MacDonald:
Hi there, I'm Rob MacDonald, vice president of Product Marketing here at 1Kosmos, and today I'm going to show you how to scan your passport with 1Kosmos.

All right, let's start by scanning my passport. I'm going to open up the hamburger menu in the upper right-hand corner, go to My Identity, and select Passport.

There's two steps to the passport scan because I have a smart passport. It's going to scan the main page, the front page, and it's also going to scan the chip. We're going to start with the page. So the trick when you're scanning your passport is you want to get it somewhere where there's not a lot of glare. Passports have a lot of holograms and stuff on them. So I've got it in a spot where it's not too, too bad. There we go. Scanned it pretty quick. And next it's going to ask to scan the chip. So the chip is on the front of my passport here. I'm going to click the scan button, hold it against, you can see it reading the chip. And there we go. Passport was read successfully. And I've enrolled it. That quick.

So, secret's out, I'm Canadian, but I want to show you how you can do it with the US passport and maybe even another one. So going to invite some friends along to show you how to do that. Maureen, why don't you show us how to scan your US passport.

Thanks, Rob. I'm Maureen and I'm on the marketing team and I'm going to show you how I add my US passport to the BlockID app. So first, I have my BlockID app open, I press the Add Passport button, and then I scan the front page of my passport. And then it requires me to scan the passport chip. And the passport was read successfully. That's all there is to it. My US passport is now enrolled in my BlockID app. Now on to Rishabh.

Thank you, Maureen. Now we will see how I scan my Indian passport on the BlockID mobile application. I scan my passport, and when it prompts me for the chip scan, I skip it. And this is it. My passport is enrolled on the BlockID mobile application.

Rob MacDonald:
There you go. Passport verification with 1Kosmos. Super quick, super easy, and available in 205-plus countries. Talk to you again soon.