Video Transcript
Hi, I'm Sheetal, a product manager here at 1Kosmos. Today, I'm going to take you through the control plane, which we only refer to as AdminX. AdminX is a web application that acts as a centralized configuration hub that helps you manage your passwordless MFA solution. As an administrator, you can use the control center to do every step of going passwordless without having to write code or any complex operation.

Use AdminX to connect to a directory to read users from, create and view users who have been provisioned for passwordless access. You can then set up and manage your SSO integrations, connections to Citrix, Zscaler, any of the popular applications that need to go passwordless. You can also use AdminX as a place to manage authentication policies and rules which need to be applied to your entire enterprise at the time of authentication. Finally, the control center is a great place for viewing all of the login activity, analytics, and a rich audit trail that's available for any time you need to access this information. We hope to make things breezy for everyone and anyone who's ready to go passwordless. Give the AdminX control center a try today and let us know what you think.