Video Transcript
Hi everyone, I'm Maureen and I'm on the marketing team at 1Kosmos. And today I want to show you how easy age verification is on the 1Kosmos block ID platform. So first I'll pull up a gaming website, and as you can see, for every game there's a different age requirement. So first I'm going to start with this one, and you need to be 16 to buy this game. Since I'm over this 16 year age requirement, the block ID platform should allow me to buy this game. So I'm going to scan the QR code with my block ID app, and I'll share my identity information, which includes my age.

And as you can see, my age has been verified since I'm over the age requirement for this game. So now we move on to a game with a higher age requirement. This game requires you to be 28, which I am not 28 yet, so it should not let me buy this game. So I'm going to share my identity data again by scanning the QR code, and it does not let me buy the game because I do not meet the age requirements. Thank you for watching my example. That's really all there is to it, and I'll catch you in the next episode. Bye.