Video Transcript
Hi, there. I'm Sheetal, a product manager here at 1Kosmos. Today, I'm here to share something interesting with you about our access policy. We've seen enterprises that deny access to mail or different applications, especially when their workforce comes in from outside the corporate network or from an unfamiliar geo IP, et cetera. These security policies are in place for a reason. However, they do end up being rather restrictive for employees working from home, or a traveling salesman, and different scenarios.

Let's take a look at what 1Kosmos can do for you. So here's an example of how 1Kosmos employees end up logging into their mail, especially when they're coming in from an unfamiliar location. They're challenged with login with LiveID, our highest form of authentication assurance. Users are prompted to provide live biometrics, which are compared to their identity on the day zero of enrollment. When done, they're logged in. So stop denying access to the good guys, and start building high assurance authentication policies with 1Kosmos.