Video Transcript
Hey. I'm the Director of Demand Gen at 1Kosmos, and I want to show you how easy it is to log in to our email. This experience is so cool. The fact that I don't have to remember a username or password just makes logging in so much easier. The first thing I do when I try to access my Gmail, instead of your traditional version of providing your email address, try to remember what that password is, this is what my experience looks like. So now that I'm here, all I have to do is take my phone, scan the QR code, it's going to face ID me in and then, at this point, I just have to verify that I am who I say I am. So I hit that check mark, it scans me again, and it just mentioned that it was successful. So now I'm logging in to my email, and that's how I log in every single morning. When I log into my email and I start my day, it's that easy.