Video Transcript
Hi. I'm Robert MacDonald, Vice President of Product Marketing here at 1Kosmos, and I want to show you a different way to authenticate with the 1Kosmos platform. What I'm going to show is how I can login with the touch sensor on my laptop. Touch sensors are becoming more and more prevalent on today's systems, they're available on both Mac and Windows, and I want to show you how they work.

Okay. You can see the QR code. We've showed you how to login with the QR code. This time I'm going to show you how to login with the touch sensor, like I said. Here I'm going to enter in my username, and I'm going to click Next. That's going to take me to a screen where I can choose how I want to go about logging in. I'm going to select Security Key. It's then going to ask if I want to use my pass key for a 1Kosmos login, I'm going to click Continue, and then I'm going to touch the sensor, and I'm in.

That's another easy passwordless authentication with 1Kosmos. We'll talk to you again soon.