Contactless identification and authentication to increase your bottom-line

1Kosmos BlockID solutions maximize employees productivity and optimize customers engagement by creating a fully secure, compliant, and seamless ecosystem that leverages Biometrics authentication and Blockchain technology.

1Kosmos BlockID solutions



BlockID Workforce

Dramatically increase security and productivity — and lower your cost

red_arrow_400x400 Agnostic to any systems and protocols

red_arrow_400x400 The private key of the certificate is always in possession of the employee to create full autonomy

red_arrow_400x400 All records captured in the Blockchain

red_arrow_400x400 Can be leveraged as an MFA provider with supporting multitude of biometrics

red_arrow_400x400 Single app for all access

red_arrow_400x400 Issued certificates stored on the Blockchain to provide additional security


BlockID Verify

Achieve KYC compliance - without all the costs and hassles

red_arrow_400x400 User-controlled identity creation

red_arrow_400x400 Standards-based (W3C) for Decentralized Identifiers (DID)

red_arrow_400x400 Fully customizable UI (including SDK for iOS and Android)

red_arrow_400x400 Customizable credential enrollment options

red_arrow_400x400 Unlimited “Sources of truth” options


BlockID Customer

Make your customers happier - and increase your sales

red_arrow_400x400 Frictionless engagement to reduce account or cart abandonment

red_arrow_400x400 Verified customer data with authenticated purchases and access records

red_arrow_400x400 Blockchain technology and biometrics to eliminate fraud

red_arrow_400x400 Built-in MFA

red_arrow_400x400 State-of-the-art Blockchain-based (ECDSA) encryption

red_arrow_400x400 Customer’s identity guaranteed with levels of certainty


Your organization doesn't need to shift resources from its core business strategies any longer.


1Kosmos BlockID:

  • Eliminates costly password resets
  • Complies with all national and international privacy standards and regulations
  • Brings a seamless solution to all identity management challenges

“1Kosmos BlockID is one of the first commercial implementations of a Blockchain-based identity solution that works for both consumers and employees (...) BlockID delivers on the promise of Blockchain identity.”
Analyst coverage | KuppingerCole

1Kosmos BlockID - The Benefits


red_arrow_400x400 Agnostic to any systems and protocols

red_arrow_400x400 Ease of use for employees and customers

red_arrow_400x400 Utmost levels of security and compliance

red_arrow_400x400 Dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership

red_arrow_400x400 Increased control and visibility for IT and IS

red_arrow_400x400 Assign help desk teams to more meaningful tasks


Trust your employees and customers are who they say they are. Always.