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BlockID brings critical passwordless authentication solutions

The BlockID platform only takes into account the highest requirements in terms of ID-proofing and identity authentication, including the use of advanced biometrics, to bring the a highly secure and frictionless experience to employees and customers.


Passwordless authentication for employees and customers. 



Workforce Solutions

Protect your workforce and critical systems

BlockID seamlessly turns your IAM environment into an invulnerable ecosystem, where you will always know that your employees are who they say they are when accessing your systems and apps.

BlockID's solutions for the workforce integrate flawlessly with your existing providers to create a fully secure and unified login experience.


Customer Solutions

Eliminate identity compromises

1Kosmos BlockID enrolls identity attributes that include the customer's biometrics to reach the highest levels of identity and authentication assurance per the NIST 800-63-3 Guidelines. Account takeover becomes virtually impossible.

Such security levels plus user data stored encrypted in the Blockchain, dramatically increases customer acquisition and retention. 





User Data Stored Encrypted in The BlockID Private Blockchain Ecosystem.

1Kosmos leverages a Distributed Ledger to securely store employees’ and customers' identity information, with access controlled by the employee and the customer (GDPR compliant) as well as a layer of privacy built around Ethereum to execute smart contracts. This is the BlockID Blockchain ecosystem.

Each employee’s and customer's information is encrypted using their own unique cryptographic key pairs, with their private key stored securely on their own mobile devices. That means there are literally thousands of separate and unique encryption keys and mobile devices protecting the identity data, which makes it impervious to hacking (W3C compliant).

BlockID solutions automatically and seamlessly handle all interactions with the Blockchain — no Blockchain knowledge or expertise is required by anyone on your team to enjoy all of its benefits. It couldn’t be any easier.

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“Cybercrime is a daily threat to every organization and government across the globe...These Verizon solutions (powered by 1Kosmos BlockID) offer a significant step forward in cybersecurity protection.”
Alex Schlager, Executive Director and Chief Product Officer of security services at Verizon Business